Office of the Chief Information Officer

Corporate Database Glossary of Definitions

Adjunct (ADJ)
Those persons who support USU on a part time or episodic basis (as defined in USU SOM Instruction 1100).

Administrative (Admin)
A type of contractor supporting USU's administrative functions. (e.g. Corbin)

Alumni (ALUM)
Those students that have matriculated/graduated from the School of Medicine (SOM), Graduate School of Nursing, or Graduate Education program.

AMCAS stands for American Medical College Application Service and is the central application service for those who wish to apply to medical school.

Applicant (APP)
Anyone who applies to the School of Medicine (SOM), Graduate School of Nursing, or any of the Graduate Education programs.

Faculty or staff that hold an authorized position and are paid by USU; military individuals that are assigned to USUHS.

As defined by USU, a federal employee who is not on active military duty, not a contractor and is compensated with government funds.

Clearing Department
These individuals are responsible for checking an employee in or out of the organization.

Contractor (CTR)
These individuals are Non-HJF, Non-DoD billeted positions at the university.

Core Department
These are the main departments that are responsible for in-processing employees and contractors that enter USU. They are also responsible for creating the preliminary records for new personnel and initiating the Check-In and Check Out process for an individual.

CTR_Henry Jackson Foundation
Non-DoD funded position, that works on assigned schedule, utilizes government resources and facilities and is the largest group of contractors at USU.

This is the official department where a person is assigned within the university. In the Corporate Database, the department is usually denoted by its three character designation. (e.g. PRS, NEU, CIO) This department can only be changed by a core department.

These persons are non-billeted USU faculty members.

Faculty (FAC)
Individuals that hold a USU Faculty position.


  • FAC-active-all: Individuals that hold a University Faculty position.

  • FAC-SOM: A subset of FAC-active-all that includes SOM Faculty only.

  • FAC-GSN: A subset of FAC-active-all that includes GSN Faculty only.

Post Graduate Dental School Groups

  • Dept-ARD: Army Postgraduate Dental School

  • Dept-AFD: Air Force Postgraduate Dental School

  • Dept-NVD: Navy Postgradute Dental School

Faculty Assembly Members (FAM)
A list (FAM-ALL) that includes All active (A) members of the Faculty Assembly with a current university faculty appointment at the level of Instructor or above in any School or Institute of the university to include titles with prefixes of Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor; titles with prefixes of Research, Emeritus, Distinguished, or Visiting and EXCLUDES Senior Lecturer, Teaching Fellow, Adjunct Instructor, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Adjunct Associate professor, Adjunct Professor. This list also excludes Inactive (I) members with the exception of those with titles of Emeritus or Distinguished.
A subset of the list FAM-ALL that includes only those Assembly members who have a email address. This list is called FAM-USU.
A subset of FAM-ALL that includes Assembly Members who have a work address that is within 50 miles of the USU Bethesda Campus and who have a non-usuhs email address. The list is called FAM-50MILES.

Faculty Rank
This is the heiarchy of the position that a Faculty member holds in the university. (e.g. Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor).

International Students
International students attending USU for a formal course of instruction or research and are processed through MILPO or GEO.

Mail Box
This is the official mailbox number assigned to a student when he/she arrives at USU. This field is used by Administrative Services Division to disseminate mail to the students.
Military (MIL)
One who is commissioned or enlisted in the Armed Forces and assigned or attached to USU for duty.

Name Prefix
A formal title that occurs before a person's first name (e.g. Dr., Maj., 2LT) In the Personnel Locator, this field also populates based on the Salutation field that CHR uses in their application.

Name Suffix
A formal ending that occurs after a person's last name. (e.g. Jr., II, III, Ph.D., MD)

Non-Administrative (Non-Admin)
A type of contractor supporting USU's non-administrative functions. (e.g. Researchers, Teachers)

Faculty, or staff that are not assigned or attached to the university but may support the university in some way. (e.g. Adjunct Faculty)

Non-Military (Non_Mil)
A person who applies to the Graduate school, but is not in the military.

Official Title
This field is used by multiple offices in the university. It is the official title used by government civilians in accordance with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) guidelines. It is also used to describe the job of the contractors here at the university.

Organization Title
This is the title that further describes the position a person holds in relation to the university. This title may or may not be the same as the official title.

Pin Number
Pin number convention is the first initial of a person's first name, entire last name, and the last four digits of a person's 9 character social security number or 9 character unique ID.. Ex: John Smith 123-45-6789 would be "JSMITH6789", Jane Smith-Davis 987-65-4321 would be "JSMITH-DAVIS4321"

Prior Military Service
Indicates whether a person had prior military service. (Y/N)

The function or tasks assigned to an individual at an organization.

Role Category
This field gives additional details about the capacity in which a person serves the organization.

Role Code
Identifies a function performed by an individual in an organization.

This field is being populated on the Personnel Locator based on the student's department and role code. It will only populate the field if the person is a student and it will only show one of two values; School of Medicine (includes the Graduate School) or Graduate School of Nursing.

This field is used to indicate where a medical student is performing his/her rotation. It is also used to denote a location where a USU employee may be physically working.

Billeted USU military or civilian staff position who provide administrative support to the university.

Student (STU)
Anyone who is taking a formal course of instruction at the university (whether it is for 1 day or 4 years).

A non-USU student typically associated with GME.

Sub contractor
A person or company that performs work at the university, but is controlled by a third party; not USU

Anyone working at the university up to 6 months and is compensated.

Anyone who is at USU less than one week.

Anyone who comes to work on assigned schedule and is NOT compensated.