Contact Information

Combined Federal Campaign

Contact any USU CFC volunteer Keyworker for more information about supporting those in need.

How to Give

Pledging is easy and only involves three simple steps:

1. Choose Your Charity

To select from more than 24,000 charities, you can use a hard or electronic copy of the 2014 Catalog of Caring, which is also available from any USU Keyworker. You can also use the online CFC charity search tool which enables you to search on a number of variables, including by name, charity type (e.g., education, disaster relief, etc.), and allow you to support charities worldwide.

2. Make Your Commitment

Once you have found your charity or charities, you can either complete a traditional paper pledge form or save much needed campaign money and use the online eGiving option or the MyPay giving option options, which are the preferred and easiest methods of giving. Donations can be made using one of the following options:

  • Credit or debit card (can be one-time donations or spread out over the year with automatic monthly contributions). Not only is this option tax-deductible, but when using your credit card, you can also collect your credit card company's own benefits (e.g., frequent flyer miles, cash back, points for purchases, etc.).
  • Payroll deduction (donations spread out over the year by pay period).
  • Cash or check (one-time donations).
  • Electronic check (one-time donations)

3. Submit Your Pledge

The online eGiving option makes donating simple and quick. You can complete the entire process online or search the CFC charity database and complete the form online, print it out and give it to your department's keyworker. This option will require a simple registration process: CFC Nexus step by step instructions. Once registered, you may follow the step by step instructions for online eGiving. If you're interested in making a confidential payroll deduction ePledge, you may prefer the new MyPay option.

If you prefer to use the traditional paper form to submit your pledge, please give the completed form to your department's keyworker; and make sure to retain the blue copy of your pledge for tax purposes. Paper pledge form and instructions

Please contact any USU CFC volunteer keyworker to learn more about supporting those in need and to receive any assistance. Thank you!