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Attendance Forms

Note: Be sure this is conference attendance under the 29 September 2012 guidance, which usually includes items such as travel/registration fee/hotel/formal agenda. See the exceptions on 29 September Guidance page 13 and call/email me if unsure.

All items below are required for requests for DoD approval. Follow the directions in the order of the checklist below, and please save each document with the exact document names listed below. You may insert multiple names/travelers on a single Request Form if all are attending the same event with funding from the same source(s). See Exemption Request forms if you think you qualify for exemption *

Use the Checklist Attendance to guide you through the process

The following documents require simple customization (names, dates, etc):

Exemption Request

If you've been exempted from DoD review, you need only provide:

When complete, forward the documents electronically for digital signatures, and be sure to provide routing list instructions and your contact information. Ask each signer to cc you on their correspondence and forward your documents to the next signer. Submit your request at least 90 days in advance. Questions? Contact, (301) 295-1537.