Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BIO)


Name/Title/Research Focus
Rachel Cox

Assistant Professor
Mitochondrial Dynamics during Drosophila Development

Saibal Dey

Associate Professor
Human MultidrugTransporter: Mode of Action and Functional Regulation

Teresa Dunn

Professor & Chair
Mechanism of fatty acid synthesis in yeast and plants

David Grahame

Metabolism in Archaea - Structure and Mechanism of Metalloenzymes

David Horowitz

Associate Professor
Biochemistry of pre-mRNA splicing

Galina Petukhova

Associate Professor
DNA repair and recombination

Mark Roseman

Associate Professor
Biophysical chemistry of membranes;lipid-protein interactions; transfer of amphiphiles across and between membranes;peptide hydropathy

Tharun Sundaresan

Associate Professor
Role of Sm-like proteins in mRNA decay in yeast

Shuishu Wang

Assistant Professor
Structural biology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis