Presidential Policy Memos

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Authority to Make Assignments

Inclement Weather Policy for USUHS Couriers

Display Cases

Committee Appointments

Personal Shipments

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Distant Education Policy

Policy on Network Wireless Devices

Use of Personally-Owned Equipment

Policy on Personal Digital Assistants

Policy on Network Passwords

USU Modem Policy

Policy on Automated Information Security

Eligibility of Civilian Students for Master of Comparative Medicine Degree

International Academic Activities

Recruitment, Relocation and Retention

University Committees

Appropriate Use of Special Project Funds/Education Program and Other Non-Profit Funds

USUHS Video Tele-Conference (VTC) Use Policy

Use of Automated Signature Equipment

Standards for Animal Surgery within USUHS and USUHS-Sponsored Programs

Blackberry and Cell Phone Services

Approval of Outside Activities

Guidelines for Handling Anthrax or Other Biological Threats During High Threat Conditions

Office of the Secretary of Defense Senior and Junior Enlisted Members of the Year

Technology Transfer Income

Procedure for Periodic Review of Department Chairs

Implementation of Visitor Access Control and Common Access Card (CAC) Inspection Program

Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS) Graduating Class Gift Policy

Organization and Oversight of the University's Biomedical Instrumentation Center

Appropriate Use of Special Project Funds/Education Program and Other Non-profit Funds

Federal Definition of 'Credit Hour' and Procedures of the Awarding of Transfer Credit to Graduate Students

Policies and Procedures on the Maintenance and Release of Student Academic Records and Information

Verification of Student Identity in Distance Learning

Standard Operating Procedure for the Board of Regents Conference Room