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AFRRI Technical Reports, 1997-1965

Some AFRRI information products are available to qualified users from the Defense Technical Information Center.
"AD" numbers that appear after titles are assigned by DTIC for its use in locating documents.
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  • Myska JC, Adams TL, Bhatt RC, Broom JG, Pitcher CD, Sharpnack FM II, St. John TJ, Torres BA, Vavrina G, Gerstenberg HM
    Arrays for use at the Cobalt Irradiation Facility
    TR97-2; PDF via DTIC: ADA330712
  • Castro CA, Benson KA, Bogo V, Daxon EG, Hogan JB, Jacocks HM, Landauer MR, McBride SA, Shehata CW
    Establishment of an animal model to evaluate the biological effects of intramuscularly embedded depleted uranium fragments
    TR96-3; PDF via DTIC: ADA310662
  • Myska JC, Lively TA
    Calibration, quality assurance, and maintenance program for dosimetry equipment and selected radiation sources at AFRRI
    TR96-4; PDF via DTIC: ADA317133
  • The TRIGA Reactor Facility at the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute: A Simplified Technical Description
    TR94-1 (Third Printing); PDF via DTIC: ADA275643
  • Daxon EG, Musk JH
    Assessment of the risks from imbedded fragments of depleted uranium
    TR93-1; PDF via DTIC: ADA266856
  • Daxon EG
    Protocol for monitoring Gulf War veterans with imbedded fragments of depleted uranium
    TR93-2; PDF via DTIC: ADA266669
  • Goodman LJ, Torres BA, Myska JC, Veit B, Oliver M, Stanka M, Dhermain J, Asselineau BA
    Reference dosimetry for the 1992 NATO battlefield dosimetry intercomparison at the Army Pulse Radiation Facility
    TR93-4; PDF via DTIC: ADA265225
  • Dickson J, George R, Moore L, Moore M
    Analysis of the TRIGA Reactor Pool Water
    TR93-5; PDF via DTIC: ADA270956
  • Musk JH
    Time-dependent and light-induced fading in Victoreen Model 2600-80 aluminum oxide thermoluminescence dosemeters
    TR93-6; PDF via DTIC: ADA268994
  • Forsbacka M, Moore M
    Maximum temperature calculation and operational characteristics of fuel follower control rods for the AFRRI TRIGA Reactor Facility
    TR91-1; PDF via DTIC: ADA237744
  • Mohaupt TH, Zeman GH, Blakely WF, Elkind MM
    Laboratory x-ray irradiator for cellular radiobiology research studies: Dosimetry report
    TR89-1; PDF via DTIC: ADA212282
  • Forsbacka M, Moore M
    An analysis of decommissioning costs for the AFRRI TRIGA Reactor Facility
    TR89-2; PDF via DTIC: ADA221513
  • Vesper BE, Dooley M, Mohaupt TH, Bramlitt ET
    Cleanup of Johnston Atoll missile launch facility
    TR88-1; PDF via DTIC: ADA192991
  • Schauer DA, Zeman GH, Pellmar TC
    A low-energy x-ray irradiator for electrophysiological studies
    TR88-2; PDF via DTIC: ADA205388
  • Dooley M, Zeman GH
    Comparison of AFRRI and ETCA dosimetry measurements at AFRRI TRIGA reactor
    TR87-1; PDF via DTIC: ADA189078
  • Moore ML, Elsasser S
    The TRIGA Reactor Facility at the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute: a simplified technical description
    TR86-1; PDF via DTIC: ADA168238
  • Zeman GH, Dooley M, Mohaupt TM
    Preliminary evaluation of U.S. Army RADIAC detector DT-236/PD and RADIAC computer-indicator CP-696/UD
    TR86-2; PDF via DTIC: ADA172290
  • Dooley M, Goodman LJ, Zeman GH, Schwartz RB, Eisenhauer CM, Blake PK
    Ionization chamber intercomparison in mixed neutron and gamma-ray radiation fields by National Bureau Standards and Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
    TR86-3; PDF via DTIC: ADA178336
  • Dooley M, Eagleson DM, Mohaupt TH, Kazi AH, Zeman GH
    Reference dosimetry for 1986 NATO battlefield dosimetry intercomparison at Army Pulsed Radiation Facility
    TR86-4; PDF via DTIC: ADA6505786
  • Dooley M, Eagleson DM, Zeman GH
    Rat phantom depth dose studies in electron, X-ray, gamma-ray, and reactor radiation fields
    TR86-5; PDF via DTIC: ADA183252
  • Dooley M, Eagleson DM, Mohaupt TH
    Wall attenuation and scatter characteristics of ionization chambers at Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
    TR86-6; PDF via DTIC: ADA179816
  • Zeman GH, Dooley MA
    Performance and dosimetry of Theratron-80 cobalt-60 unit at Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
    TR84-1; PDF via DTIC: ADA142770
  • Zeman GH
    Surface doses in the Cobalt-60 Facility at Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
    TR84-2; PDF via DTIC: ADA141109
  • Gee MT
    LINAC Facility at Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
    TR84-3; PDF via DTIC: ADA143970
  • Pellmar TC
    Methods for use of the single-electrode voltage clamp
    TR84-4; PDF via DTIC: ADA144177
  • Zeman GH, Dooley MA, Working M
    Use of a radiotherapy treatment-planning computer for dosimetry of the AFRRI Cobalt-60 Facility
    TR84-5; PDF via DTIC: ADA149115
  • Zeman GH
    Phantom dosimetry for TRIGA reactor irradiations in chair and wheel arrays
    TR84-6; PDF via DTIC: ADA152183
  • Zeman GH
    Rhodium-103 and indium-115 inelastic scattering reactions for fission neutron dosimetry
    TR84-7; PDF via DTIC: ADA155188
  • Zeman GH, Ferlic KP
    Paired ion chamber constants for fission gamma-neutron fields
    TR84-8; PDF via DTIC: ADA155069
  • Moore ML
    Safety analysis of modifications to upgrade the reactor ventilation system at Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
    TN83-1; PDF via DTIC: ADA129887
  • Ferlic KP, Zeman GH
    Spectrum-averaged kerma factors for reactor dosimetry with paired ion chambers
    TR83-2; PDF via DTIC: ADA137496
  • Zeman GH, Bice WS Jr.
    Kerma factors for use in 37-group neutron spectrum calculations
    TN83-3; PDF via DTIC: ADA139033
  • Ferlic KP
    Radiation survey for installation of the cobalt-60 Theratron-80 at Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
    TR83-4; PDF via DTIC: ADA137731
  • Ferlic KP
    Fallout: its characteristics and management
    TR83-5; PDF via DTIC: ADA140111
NOTE: Prior to 1983, AFRRI Technical Reports (TRs) were known as Technical Notes (TNs).
  • Arras JM
    Concentric cylinder set model for estimating dose from gamma-emitting cloud
    TN81-1; PDF via DTIC: ADA100390
  • Sholtis JA Jr., Moore ML
    Reactor facility, Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
    TN81-2; PDF via DTIC: ADA103145
  • Norman DO
    Neurobiological data collection and initial data reduction system
    TN81-3; PDF via DTIC: ADA113163
  • Franz CG, Young RW, Mitchell WE
    Behavioral studies following ionizing radiation exposures: a data base
    TN81-4; PDF via DTIC: ADA115825
  • Weitz RL, Casady JT
    Electron linear accelerator production of oxygen-15
    TN80-1; PDF via DTIC: ADA087354
  • Oliva SA, Catravas GN
    Microwave exposure array: improved field measurements
    TN77-1; PDF via DTIC: ADA045142
  • Mathewson NS, Oliva SA, Oosta GM, Blasco AP
    Extremely low frequency (ELF) vertical electric field exposure of rats: irradiation facility
    TN77-2; PDF via DTIC: ADA080540
  • Oliva SA, Oosta GM, Mathewson NS
    Evaluation of elliptical focusing dish antenna for high-power density microwave irradiation
    TN77-3; PDF via DTIC: ADA095093
  • Ryan MJ, Routzahn GE
    Serum protein-bound hexosamine analysis with autoclave hydrolysis
    TN76-1; PDF via DTIC: ADA025272
  • Cruce WLR
    A method of preparing the in situ frog spinal cord for intracellular recording
    TN76-2; PDF via DTIC: ADA026890
  • Hosszu JL
    Organometallic liquids as potential dosimetric materials: a pulse radiolysis study of the tetra-alkyl compounds of Si, Sn and Pb
    TN76-3; PDF via DTIC: ADA033409
  • Mattsson JL, Alligood JP, Robertson LF III
    A simple chest harness and pole leash for routine transfer of rhesus monkeys from home cage to behavioral test apparatus and back
    TN76-4; PDF via DTIC: ADA033410
  • Webber WR, Donovan RL
    A method of measuring thyroid burden of 125I
    TN76-5; PDF via DTIC: ADA033411
  • Shosa DW
    The fraction of collected charge carried by unattached electrons in small, air-filled ionization chambers
    TN75-1; PDF via DTIC: ADA011821
  • Cole CM, Gray FC, Meaburn GM, Stevenson JS
    Photonuclear production of potassium-38
    TN75-2; PDF via DTIC: ADA011820
  • Snyder SL, Sobocinski PZ
    An improved 2,4,6-trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid method for the determination of amines
    TN75-3; PDF via DTIC: ADA013056
  • Hermann GL, Kiker WE
    Remote measurement of fluid volume by x-ray fluorescence
    TN75-4; PDF via DTIC: ADA013057
  • Kiker WE, Hinz TW, Ledley RS
    Correlation of ACTA scanner number with electron density
    TN75-5; PDF via DTIC: ADA013254
  • Doyle TF, Martins AN, Kobrine AI
    Initial slope index of total cerebral blood flow measured by hydrogen clearance: A pragmatic evaluation
    TN75-6; PDF via DTIC: ADA012864
  • Snyder SL, White DC Jr., Sobocinski PZ
    Acylated bovine serum albumin—a new substrate for determining cathepsin D activity
    TN75-7; PDF via DTIC: ADA018267
  • Catravas GN
    Styrofoam cages for rats used in microwave research: coating with quinine
    TN75-8; PDF via DTIC: ADA021316
  • McManaman VL, Stevenson JS, Sinclair MD
    Factors affecting the diagnostic reliability of scintillation camera film images
    TN74-1; PDF via DTIC: AD0787470
  • Willis JA, Doyle TF, Ramirez A, Kobrine AI, Martins AN
    A practical circuit for hydrogen clearance blood flow measurement
    TN74-2; PDF via DTIC: AD0783520
  • Eckelman WC, Reba RC, Kubota H, Stevenson JS
    Technetium-99m pyrophosphate for bone imaging
    TN74-3; PDF via DTIC: AD0782675
  • Cohan SL, Abbott JR, Catravas GN
    The effect of morphine on tyrosine hydroxylase activity in rat brain
    TN74-4; PDF via DTIC: ADA001603
  • Weathersby PK, Kolobow T, Stool EW
    Polydimethylsiloxane: a feasibility study of a thromboresistant biomaterial
    TN74-5; PDF via DTIC: AD0787464
  • Stevenson JS, Nelson FR, McManaman VL
    Technetium-99m diphosphonate scintigraphy to detect early avascular necrosis of the hip
    TN74-6; PDF via DTIC: AD0787089
  • Snyder SL, Mathewson NS, Sobocinski PZ
    A critical evaluation of 1, 10-phenanthroline as a reagent for sialic acid determinations
    TN74-7; PDF via DTIC: AD0786732
  • Zeman GH, Mathewson NS
    Necessity of prerinsing disposable polypropylene pipet tips
    TN74-8; PDF via DTIC: ADA003930
  • Stevenson JS
    Lead shield to improve detection of high-energy photons of 38K and 42K by scintillation cameras
    TN74-9; PDF via DTIC: ADA008149
  • Shatsky SA, Jacobson SH
    Design considerations for stop-motion cinefluorography at 500 frames per second
    TN73-1; PDF via DTIC: AD0762412
  • Fein JM
    Chronic carotid and jugular catheterization in rhesus monkeys
    TN73-2; PDF via DTIC: AD0762413
  • Carter RE, Verrelli DM
    AFRRI cobalt whole-body irradiator
    TN73-3; PDF via DTIC: AD0770107
  • McManaman VL, Stevenson JS
    A computer service for analyzing clinical scintigraphic data
    TN73-4; PDF via DTIC: AD0764894
  • Zeman GH, Chaput RL, Glaser ZR, Gershman LC
    Gamma-aminobutyric acid metabolism in rats following microwave exposure
    TN73-5; PDF via DTIC: AD0769299
  • Willis JA, Hutzenbiler LM, Young RW
    An analog recording and computerized analysis system for behavioral data
    TN73-6; PDF via DTIC: AD0777359
  • Dunson GL, Stevenson JS, Cole CM, Barron EL, Mellor MK, Hosain F
    Preparation and comparison of technetium-99m diphosphonate, polyphosphate and pyrophosphate nuclear bone imaging radiopharmaceuticals
    TN73-7; PDF via DTIC: AD0769661
  • Kiker WE
    Charge collection characteristics of an air ion chamber for 0.2-µsec pulses of 25 MeV electrons
    TN73-8; PDF via DTIC: ADA770112
  • Verrelli DM, Carter RE, Slaback LA Jr.
    Reduction of 41Ar environmental releases at research reactors
    TN73-9; PDF via DTIC: AD0770115
  • Berardo PA, Willis JA
    Real-time display of radiation field intensity distribution
    TN73-10; PDF via DTIC: AD0770603
  • Sobocinski PZ, Canterbury WJ, Hartley KM
    Automated simultaneous determination of serum total protein and globulin
    TN73-11; PDF via DTIC: AD0769659
  • Willis JA, McFarland WL
    A computer based physiological temperature measurement system
    TN73-12; PDF via DTIC: AD0770111
  • Shosa DW
    Saturation characteristics of miniature ionization chambers in pulsed LINAC exposures
    TN73-13; PDF via DTIC: AD0770114
  • Brunhart G, Carter RE, Valencia VI
    AFRRI electromagnetic pulse (EMP) simulator
    TN73-14; PDF via DTIC: AD0770113
  • Gray FC, Cole CM, Meaburn GM, Brunhart G
    Electron linear accelerator production of potassium-43
    TN73-15; PDF via DTIC: AD0770593
  • Tumbraegel GE, Shosa DW, Verrelli DM
    Reactor dosimetry with diodes, pocket dosimeters, and paired chambers
    TN73-16; PDF via DTIC: AD0781346
  • Chaput RL, Kovacic RT, Fleming NL, Flynn ME
    A discrimination task for restrained beagles
    TN73-17; PDF via DTIC: AD776217
  • Chaput RL, Barron EL, Warrenfeltz JK, Wolfe WW, Dalton TK
    The miniature pig: a biomedical model for behavioral studies
    TN73-18; PDF via DTIC: AD0776216
  • Sinclair MD, McManaman VL
    A table for quickly determining planes of focus for a scintillation tomocamera
    TN73-19; PDF via DTIC: AD0781642
  • Cloud CL, Ledney GD
    A technique for thymectomy in the adult rat
    TN73-20; PDF via DTIC: AD0777746
  • Curran CR, Wiegel WR, Stevens DN
    Design and operation of an exercise device for subhuman primates
    TN72-1; PDF via DTIC: AD0744635
  • Meaburn GM, Isaacs BM
    Digital recording of fast nonrecurrent phenomena in pulse radiolysis studies
    TN72-2; PDF via DTIC: AD0742077
  • Thorp JW
    Blood PO2 and pH in monkeys after incapacitating doses of ionizing radiation
    TN72-3; PDF via DTIC: AD0750681
  • Zeman GH, Sobocinski PZ, Chaput RL
    An automated PCO2 assay for glutamic acid decarboxylase
    TN72-4; PDF via DTIC: AD0750682
  • Sobocinski PZ
    Simultaneous determination of inulin and para-aminohippuric acid in plasma and urine by an automated technique
    TN72-5; PDF via DTIC: AD0765319
  • West JE, Mitchell FA, Vagher JP
    Serial rib marrow aspiration technique and myelogram for adult beagles
    TN71-1; PDF via DTIC: AD0721699
  • Verrelli DM
    Dosimetry for neutron radiation studies in miniature pigs
    TN71-2; PDF via DTIC: AD0728416
  • Leonard BE, Pfeiffer WF, Hughes DA
    A pulse reactor radiation detection system using an on-line computer
    TN71-3; PDF via DTIC: AD0731350
  • Doyle TF, Bradley SL
    Radiation inactivation of histamine in aqueous solution and in plasma
    TN71-4; PDF via DTIC: AD0727982
  • Verrelli DM, Shosa DW
    Comparison of dose patterns in a miniature pig exposed to neutron and to gamma radiation
    TN71-5; PDF via DTIC: AD0736176
  • Sobocinski PZ, Hartley KM, Canterbury WJ
    An improved automated method for plasma glucose analysis with high specificity and sensitivity in the 5 to 50 microgram range
    TN71-6; PDF via DTIC: AD0733046
  • Shosa DW
    Reactor dosimetry with paired miniature ionization chambers
    TN71-7; PDF via DTIC: AD0736177
  • Millbranth DR
    Closed circuit television applications in reactor radiation biology research
    TN70-1; PDF via DTIC: AD0710375
  • Balk MW, Jones SR
    Hepatic cysticercosis in a mouse colony
    TN70-2; PDF via DTIC: AD0710376
  • McFarland WL, Teitelbaum H
    Hippocampal electrical activity and voluntary motor movement in the rat
    TN70-3; PDF via DTIC: AD0721080
  • Graham MM
    A semiautomatic blood sampler for the rat
    TN70-4; PDF via DTIC: AD0716781
  • Thorp JW
    Beagle and miniature pig response to partial body irradiation: dose relationships
    TN70-5; PDF via DTIC: AD0717591
  • Kieffer VA, Turbyfill CL
    Electrocardiography in a radiation environment by the use of telemetry
    TN70-6; PDF via DTIC: AD0718315
  • Gresko EM, Cooper HD
    Sucrose and water consumption by rats exposed to gamma-neutron radiation
    TN69-1; PDF via DTIC: AD0688446
  • Strike TA
    Hemogram and bone marrow differential of the chinchilla
    TN69-2; PDF via DTIC: AD0692392
  • Exum ED, Bowser RT
    Purification of rat gamma globulin and the production of a specific anti-rat gamma globulin serum
    TN69-3; PDF via DTIC: AD0689097
  • Kessler DA, Kaplan SJ, Bier MA, Gresko EM
    Retention, retroactive inhibition and idiosyncratic behavior in the maze-trained monkey (Macaca mulatta)
    TN69-4; PDF via DTIC: AD0690880
  • Kagnoff MF
    Platelet adhesiveness following whole-body x irradiation
    TN69-5; PDF via DTIC: AD0689098
  • Carmeci P, Kagnoff MF
    A system to telemeter intraluminal intestinal pressures from medium-sized laboratory animals
    TN69-6; PDF via DTIC: AD0697663
  • Rockwell RW
    NUMIT-ONE amendment #1
    TN68-1; PDF via DTIC: AD0690064
  • Peñaranda FE
    Neutron activation of Portland cements
    TN68-2; PDF via DTIC: AD0708024
  • Rockwell RW
    NUMIT-ONE amendment #2 (for the SDS 920)
    TN68-3; PDF via DTIC: AD0690065
  • Gresko EM, Kaplan SJ, Conrad DW, Cooper HD
    Learning a traversal pattern in a shock avoidance maze
    TN68-4; PDF via DTIC: AD0672742
  • De Haan HJ, Germas JE, Kaplan SJ
    Visual discrimination performance: A training procedure for the restrained monkey (Macaca mulatta)
    TN68-5; PDF via DTIC: AD0679891
  • Leonard BE, Hughes DA
    Measurement of the transient control rod motion and its effect on the AFRRI-TRIGA reactor pulse
    TN68-6; PDF via DTIC: AD0678725
  • Davis LW, Brown JA, Strike TA
    Effect of mixed gamma-neutron radiations on the spectral absorption of indocyanine green
    TN68-7; PDF via DTIC: AD0681372
  • Vierling AF, Strike TA
    A technique for chronic catheterization of the aorta in the rat
  • Kuritzky CS, Shonka FR, Wyckoff HO, Pfeiffer WF
    A miniature tissue-equivalent ionization chamber for pulse dosimetry
    TN68-9; PDF via DTIC: AD0684824
  • Turbyfill CL, Cramer MB, Dewes WA, Huguley JW III
    Serum and cerebral spinal fluid chemistry values for the monkey (Macaca mulatta)
    TN68-10; PDF via DTIC: AD0683663
  • Kaplan SJ, Cooper HD
    Monkey performance testing apparatus (maze)
    TN67-1; PDF via DTIC: AD0666643
  • Szakacs JE, Miller LR, Yancey ST
    Ultrastructure of murine plasma-cell tumor YPC-1
    TN67-3; PDF via DTIC: AD0671502
  • Brocator LJ, Gitelman JJ, Rockwell RW
    A technique for converting a key punch into a computer punched card reader
    TN67-4; PDF via DTIC: AD0669379
  • Gitelman JJ, Garrett CW
    Nuclear reactor pulse analysis, an application of a real-time compiler
    TN67-5; PDF via DTIC: AD0685626
  • Carmeci P, Davis WF Jr., Dixon DF Jr., DeYoung DW
    Implantation of ECG electrodes, EEG electrodes and temperature thermistors in the monkey (Macaca mulatta)
    TN67-6; PDF via DTIC: AD0669077
  • Schow H II
    The numerical evaluation of the theoretical variance/mean ratio of the neutron population in the subcritical condition of the AFRRI-TRIGA reactor
    TN66-1; PDF via DTIC: AD0635085
  • Greenwood JA
    Estimation of parameters in multivariate experimental design and a hypothetical application to estimating fractional dose recovery effects
    TN66-2; PDF via DTIC: AD0635167
  • Schow H II
    The positive period method of calibrating control rods of the AFRRI-TRIGA reactor using the AFRRI data acquisition system
    TN66-3; PDF via DTIC: AD0651000
  • Mason GF
    Liquid scintillation data processing program LIQ SCINT
  • Aberle JA, Macdonald AR, Porter SW Jr.
    A procedure for minimizing personnel hazards while changing tritium targets in accelerators
    TN66-5; PDF via DTIC: AD0636185
  • Schow H II
    A detailed derivation of the Courant-Wallace expressions for the second moments of the neutron probability distribution and for the variance/mean ratio
    TN65-1; PDF via DTIC: AD0630698
  • Garrett CW
    The low-energy component of the total dose for deep gamma penetrations in air and water
    TN65-2; PDF via DTIC: AD0625714