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AFRRI Scientific Reports, 1979-1965

Some AFRRI information products are available to qualified users from the Defense Technical Information Center.
"AD" numbers that appear after titles are assigned by DTIC for its use in locating documents.
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  • Carpenter DO
    Early transient incapacitation: A review with consideration of underlying mechanisms.
    SR79-1; PDF via DTIC: ADA071803
  • Weiss JF, Bradley WP, Blasco AP, Alexander JC Jr., Silverman NA, Chretien PB
    Serum protein-bound carbohydrates and other glycoprotein assays as indicators of tumor burden
    SR78-1; abstract via DTIC: ADA059748
  • Baum SJ
    Tests of biological integrity in dogs exposed to an electromagnetic pulse environment
    SR78-2; abstract via DTIC: ADA059749
  • Mattsson JL, Crock JW Jr., Jenkins LJ Jr.
    Effects of NOSET-A on rhesus monkey visual-evoked response and Sidman avoidance task
    SR77-1; PDF via DTIC: ADA045416
  • Mathewson NS, Oosta GM, Levin SG, Diamond SS, Ekstrom ME
    Extremely low frequency vertical, 45-Hz electric field exposure of rats: A search for growth, food, water consumption, blood metabolite, hematological, and pathological changes
    SR77-2; PDF via DTIC: ADA045417
  • Woody CD, Carpenter DO, Gruen E, Knispel JD, Crow TW, Black-Cleworth P
    Persistent increases in membrane resistance of neurons in cat motor cortex
    SR76-1; abstract via DTIC: ADA024092
  • Chalazonitis A, Greene LA, Shain WG Jr.
    Excitability and chemosensitivity properties of a somatic cell hybrid between mouse neuroblastoma and sympathetic ganglion cells
    SR76-2; abstract via DTIC: ADA024097
  • Martins AN, Doyle TF, Newby N, Kobrine AI, Ramirez A
    The effect of a simulated subarachnoid hemorrhage on cerebral blood flow in the monkey
    SR76-3; abstract via DTIC: ADA024093
  • Eckelman WC, Kubota H, Siegel BA, Komai T, Rzeszotarski WJ, Reba RC
    Iodinated bleomycin: An unsatisfactory radiopharmaceutical for tumor localization
    SR76-4; abstract via DTIC: ADA024095
  • Gambrill MR, Ledney GD, MacVittie TJ
    Mitigation of graft versus host disease in lethally irradiated mice grafted with spleen cells adherent to glass beads
    SR76-5; abstract via DTIC: ADA024455
  • MacVittie TJ, McCarthy KF, Crawford RM
    Colony-forming capacity of mouse thymus cells in vitro
    SR76-6; abstract via DTIC: ADA025824
  • Evans DE, Gillis RA
    Effect of ouabain and its interaction with diphenylhydantoin on cardiac arrhythmias induced by hypothalamic stimulation
    SR76-7; abstract via DTIC: ADA024456
  • Doyle TF, Kobrine AI, Martins AN
    Hyperemia and edema in the monkey spinal cord following injury: Modified by histamine antagonists
    SR76-8; abstract via DTIC: ADA024090
  • Kobrine AI, Doyle TF, Newby N
    Further studies in spinal cord autoregulation
    SR76-9; abstract via DTIC: ADA024091
  • Swann JW, Contrera JF
    Depletion of cardiac norepinephrine during two forms of hemolytic anemia in the rat
    SR76-10; abstract via DTIC: ADA024096
  • Swann JW, Carpenter DO
    The organization of receptors for neurotransmitters on Aplysia neurons: Some generalizations and a hypothesis
    SR76-11; abstract via DTIC: ADA024094
  • Oliva SA, Catravas GN
    Microwave exposure facility: Multiple animal exposure at equal power density
    SR76-12; abstract via DTIC: ADA024939
  • Walker RI, Sheil JM
    Contribution of granulocytopenia to endotoxin sensitivity of mice irradiated or undergoing graft versus host disease
    SR76-13; abstract via DTIC: ADA025082
  • Snyder SL, Walker RI
    Inhibition of lethality in endotoxin-challenged mice treated with zinc chloride
    SR76-14; abstract via DTIC: ADA025194
  • Greene LA, Shain WG Jr., Chalazonitis A, Breakefield XO, Minna JD, Coon HG, Nirenberg M
    Neuronal properties of a neuroblastoma x sympathetic ganglion cell hybrid
    SR76-15; abstract via DTIC: ADA026093
  • Carpenter DO, Greene LA, Shain WG Jr., Vogel Z
    Effects of eserine and neostigmine on the interaction of abungarotoxin with Aplysia acetylcholine receptors
    SR76-16; abstract via DTIC: ADA026083
  • Martins AN, Doyle TF, Newby N
    Ventriculocisternal perfusion studies in the monkey: II. PCO2 and the rate of formation of cerebrospinal fluid
    SR76-17; abstract via DTIC: ADA026891
  • Tobias GS, Donlon MA, Shain WG Jr., Catravas GN
    Purification and biochemical characterization of a beta-bungarotoxin
    SR76-18; abstract via DTIC: ADA026866
  • Blosser JC, Abbott JR, Shain WG Jr.
    Sympathetic ganglion cell x neuroblastoma hybrids with opiate receptors
    SR76-19; abstract via DTIC: ADA025806
  • Katz JB, Catravas GN
    Prostaglandin El-morphine effects on adenyl cyclase activity in a rat brain slice system
    SR76-20; abstract via DTIC: ADA026752
  • French JE, Roberts JF
    Effect of DDT and polychlorinated biphenyls on cell population growth of Crithidia fasciculata, a flagellated protozoan
    SR76-21, abstract via DITC ADA026867
  • Martins AN, Newby N, Doyle TF
    Ventriculocisternal perfusion studies in the monkey: III. Sources of error in measuring cerebrospinal fluid formation
    SR76-22; abstract via DTIC: ADA026868
  • Redos JD, Hunt WA, Catravas GN
    Lack of alteration in regional brain adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate levels after acute and chronic treatment with ethanol
    SR76-23; abstract via DTIC: ADA033424
  • Redos JD, Catravas GN, Hunt WA
    Ethanol-induced depletion of cerebellar guanosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate levels
    SR76-24; abstract via DTIC: ADA033403
  • Young RW, Curran CR, Franz CG, Jenkins LJ Jr.
    Effects of chronic inhalation of propylene glycol 1,2-dinitrate on the conditioned avoidance behavior of primates
    SR76-25; PDF via DTIC: ADA026841
  • Catravas GN, Takenaga J, McHale CG
    Effect of chronic administration of morphine on the activity of brain monoamine oxidase in the rat
    SR76-26; abstract via DTIC: ADA033404
  • Carpenter DO, Swann JW, Yarowsky PJ, Myers PR, Willis JA
    Effect of curare on responses to different putative neurotransmitters in Aplysia
    SR76-27; abstract via DTIC: ADA033405
  • Robinson DL, Wurtz RH
    Use of an extraretinal signal by monkey superior colliculus neurons to distinguish real from self-induced stimulus movement
    SR76-28; abstract via DTIC: ADA033731
  • Mattsson JL, Oliva SA
    Effect of electromagnetic pulse on avoidance behavior and electroencephalogram of a rhesus monkey
    SR76-29; abstract via DTIC: ADA033732
  • Katz JB, Catravas GN
    Cerebellar cGMP levels reduced by narcotic and hypnotic drugs: Correlation with drug-induced ataxia
    SR76-30; abstract via DTIC: ADA033406
  • French JE, Roberts JF
    Effects of DDT and polychlorinated biphenyls on cellular metabolism and ultrastructure of Crithidia fasciculata, a flagellated protozoan
    SR76-31; PDF via DTIC: ADA033507
  • French JE, Flor WJ, Grissom MP, Parker JL, Sajko G, Ewald WG
    Recovery, structure and function of dog granulocytes after freeze preservation with dimethylsulfoxide
    SR76-32; abstract via DTIC: ADA033508
  • Ewald WG, French JE, Champ MA
    Toxicity of polychlorinated biphenyls to Euglena gracilis: Cell population growth, carbon fixation, chlorophyll level, oxygen consumption, protein and nucleic acid synthesis
    SR76-33; abstract via DTIC: ADA033900
  • Schneider NR, Bradley SL, Andersen ME
    Toxicology of cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine (RDX): Distribution and metabolism in the rat and the miniature swine
    SR76-34; abstract via DTIC: ADA026892
  • Siegel BA, Donovan RL, Alderson PO, Mack GR
    Skeletal uptake of 99mTc diphosphonate in relation to local bone blood flow
    SR76-35; abstract via DTIC: ADA033509
  • Evans DE, Alter WA III, Shatsky SA, Parkhurst LJ, Gunby EN
    Cardiac arrhythmias resulting from experimental head injury
    SR76-36; abstract via DTIC: ADA033407
  • Teitelbaum H, Blosser JC, Catravas GN
    Unilateral intracerebral morphine injections: Bilateral bioelectric response, unilateral tolerance
    SR76-37; abstract via DTIC: ADA033510
  • Majchrowicz E, Hunt WA, Piantadosi C
    Suppression by 1,3-butanediol of the ethanol withdrawal syndrome in rats
    SR76-38; abstract via DTIC: ADA033511
  • Foster KR, Bidinger JM, Carpenter DO
    The electrical resistivity of aqueous cytoplasm
    SR76-39; abstract via DTIC: ADA033257
  • Hunt WA, Redos JD, Catravas GN, Dalton TK
    Alterations in brain guanosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate levels after acute and chronic treatment with ethanol
    SR76-40; abstract via DTIC: ADA033408
  • Hunt WA, Dalton TK
    Regional brain acetylcholine levels in rats acutely treated with ethanol or rendered ethanol-dependent
    SR76-41; abstract via DTIC: ADA033512
  • Franz CG, Clark L, Cable JW
    Primate physical activity following exposure to a single 4,600-rad pulsed dose of mixed gamma-neutron radiation
    SR76-42; abstract via DTIC: ADA033513
  • Weatherly TL
    Enhancement of in vitro granulocyte-macrophage colony formation by normal human serum or plasma
    SR76-43; PDF via DTIC: ADA033258
  • Baizer JS, Robinson DL, Dow BM
    Visual responses of area 18 neurons in the awake, behaving monkey
    SR76-44; abstract via DTIC: ADA033364
  • Siegel BA, Engel WK, Derrer EC
    Localization of 99mTc diphosphonate in acutely injured muscle: Relationship to muscle calcium deposition
    SR76-45; abstract via DTIC: ADA033232
  • Teitelbaum H, McFarland WL, Mattsson JL
    Classical conditioning of hippocampal theta patterns in the rat
    SR76-46; abstract via DTIC: ADA033589
  • Shain WG Jr., Greene LA, Carpenter DO
    Binding of cc-bungarotoxin to single identified neurons of Aplysia which have different ionic responses to acetylcholine
    SR76-47; abstract via DTIC: ADA033255
  • Majchrowicz E, Hunt WA
    Temporal relationship of the induction of tolerance and physical dependence after continuous intoxication with maximum tolerable doses of ethanol in rats
    SR76-48; abstract via DTIC: ADA034918
  • Ledney GD, Moniot JV, Gambrill MR, MacVittie TJ, Levin SG
    Mitogenic and colony-forming unit responses of spleen cells from mice engrafted with Lewis lung (3LL) carcinoma cells
    SR76-49; abstract via DTIC: ADA034867
  • Snyder SL
    Radiation-induced alterations in serum and splenic lysosomal hydrolases of rats
    SR76-50; abstract via DTIC: ADA033277
  • McCarthy KF, Ledney GD, Mitchell RG
    A deficiency of hematopoietic stem cells in Steel mice
    SR76-51; abstract via DTIC: ADA034976
  • Walker RI, Snyder SL, Moniot JV, Sobocinski PZ
    Contribution of circulating blood cells to survival of mice experiencing endotoxemia
    SR76-52; PDF via DTIC: ADA034866
  • Walker RI, Ledney GD, Galley CB
    Aseptic endotoxemia in radiation injury and graft versus host disease
    SR75-1; PDF via DTIC: ADA010820
  • Evans DE, Gillis RA
    Effect of diphenylhydantoin and lidocaine on cardiac arrhythmias induced by hypothalamic stimulation
    SR75-2; abstract via DTIC: ADA012641
  • Zeman GH, Carpenter DO
    Putative neurotransmitters in Aplysia: Distribution of gamma-aminobutyric acid, aspartate and glutamate in ganglia and single neurons
    SR75-3; abstract via DTIC: ADA012642
  • Kelly JF, Cagle JD, Stevenson JS, Adler GJ
    Radionuclide bone imaging in the evaluation of osseous allograft systems
    SR75-4; abstract via DTIC: ADA011046
  • Meaburn GM, Hosszu JL, Kiker WE
    Organometallic liquids as potential dosimetric materials: A pulse radiolysis study of the tetraethyl compounds of Si, Ge, Sn and Pb
    SR75-5; abstract via DTIC: ADA013031
  • Shatsky SA, Evans DE, Miller FE, Martins AN
    High-speed angiography of experimental head injury
    SR75-6; abstract via DTIC: ADA012640
  • Carpenter DO, Hovey MM, Bak AF
    Internal conductivity of axons, nerve cell bodies and large nonnervous cells
    SR75-7; abstract via DTIC: ADA012643
  • McManaman VL, Sinclair MD
    A qualitative and quantitative comparative analysis of scintillation camera tomography with the latest conventional imaging techniques
    SR75-8; abstract via DTIC: ADA013251
  • Zeman GH, Myers PR, Dalton TK
    Gamma-aminobutyric acid uptake and metabolism in Aplysia dactylomela
    SR75-9; abstract via DTIC: ADA012639
  • McCarthy KF, MacVittie TJ, Kirchgessner PJ
    Regulation of hemopoietic stem cell turnover and population size in neonatal mice
    SR75-10; abstract via DTIC: ADA013252
  • Baum SJ, Ekstrom ME, Skidmore WD, Wyant DE, Atkinson JL
    Biological measurements in rodents exposed continuously throughout their adult life to pulsed electromagnetic radiation
    SR75-11; PDF via DTIC: ADA013250
  • Carpenter DO, Gaubatz GL
    Octopamine receptors on Aplysia neurons: Further evidence for a function of octopamine as a neurotransmitter
    SR75-12; abstract via DTIC: ADA013030
  • Schneider NR, Yeary RA
    Nitrite and nitrate pharmacokinetics
    SR75-13; abstract via DTIC: ADA013253
  • Shatsky SA
    Flash x-ray cinematography during impact injury
    SR75-14; abstract via DTIC: ADA013249
  • MacVittie TJ, McCarthy KF, McCarthy EG
    The influence of a granulocytic inhibitor (chalone) on hematopoiesis in an in vivo culture system
    SR75-15; abstract via DTIC: ADA016190
  • Galley CB, Walker RI, Ledney GD, Gambrill MR
    Evaluation of biologic activity of attenuated endotoxin in mice
    SR75-16; abstract via DTIC: ADA016191
  • Doyle TF, Strike TA
    Histamine-induced hypotension modified by H1 and H2 antagonists
    SR75-17; abstract via DTIC: ADA016800
  • Doyle TF, Strike TA
    Radiation-released histamine in the rhesus monkey as modified by mast-cell depletion and antihistamine
    SR75-18; PDF via DTIC: ADA016801
  • Parmentier J, Carpenter DO
    Blocking action of snake venom neurotoxins at receptor sites to putative central nervous system transmitters
    SR75-19; abstract via DTIC: ADA016882
  • Geduldig D, Livengood DR
    A depolarizing electrogenic pump in frog muscle
    SR75-20; abstract via DTIC: ADA018292
  • Myers PR, Shain WG Jr.
    Dopamine uptake in the somatic cell hybrid NX31
    SR75-21; abstract via DTIC: ADA020381
  • Teitelbaum H, Lee J, Johannessen JN
    A neuropharmacological analysis of hippocampal bioelectric patterns
    SR75-22; abstract via DTIC: ADA017051
  • Pierau Fr. K, Torrey PJ, Carpenter DO
    Afferent nerve fiber activity responding to temperature changes of the scrotal skin of the rat
    SR75-23; abstract via DTIC: ADA018664
  • Fein JM, Willis JA, Hamilton JR, Parkhurst LJ
    Polarographic measurement of local cerebra blood flow in the conscious and anesthetized primate
    SR75-24; abstract via DTIC: ADA018665
  • Walker RI, Moon RJ, Galley CB, Alm PF, Ledney GD
    Clearance of bacteria and endotoxin in conventional or decontaminated mice undergoing graft versus host disease or radiation-induced injury
    SR75-25; PDF via DTIC: ADA017320
  • Middleton GR, Young RW
    Neutrongamma ratio and vomiting
    SR75-26; abstract via DTIC: ADA017319
  • Martins AN, Ramirez A, Kobrine AI, Doyle TF
    Ventriculocisternal perfusion studies in the monkey: I. Comparison of radioiodinated (125-I) serum albumin and blue dextran as indicators to measure rate of formation of cerebrospinal fluid
    SR75-27; abstract via DTIC: ADA019597
  • Kobrine AI, Doyle TF
    Physiologic control of spinal cord blood flow
    SR75-28; abstract via DTIC: ADA020320
  • Fein JM
    Cerebral energy metabolism after subarachnoid hemorrhage
    SR75-29; abstract via DTIC: ADA019763
  • Alter WA III, Shatsky SA, Evans DE, Donovan RL, Armbrustmacher V
    Intracranial movements after temporoparietal head impact
    SR75-30; abstract via DTIC: ADA020869
  • Carpenter DO, Gaubatz GL
    H1 and H2 histamine receptors on Aplysia neurons
    SR75-31; abstract via DTIC: ADA020868
  • Flor WJ, James AE Jr., Strecker EP, Rish BL
    An experimental model for chronic communicating hydrocephalus
    SR75-32; abstract via DTIC: ADA020976
  • Pierau Fr. K, Torrey PJ, Carpenter DO
    Generator potential mechanisms in mammalian cold-sensitive afferents
    SR75-33; abstract via DTIC: ADA020975
  • Gallin EK, Wiederhold ML, Lipsky PE, Rosenthal AS
    Spontaneous and induced membrane hyperpolarizations in macrophages
    SR75-34; abstract via DTIC: ADA021229
  • Eckelman WC, Rzeszotarski WJ, Siegel BA, Kubota H, Chelliah M, Stevenson JS, Reba RC
    The chemical and biological properties of isolated radiolabeled bleomycin components
    SR75-35; abstract via DTIC: ADA021834
  • Siegel BA, Engel WK, Derrer EC
    Technetium-99m diphosphonate uptake in skeletal muscle: A quantitative index of acute damage
    SR75-36; abstract DTIC: ADA021766
  • Donlon MA, Walker RI
    Adenyl cyclase activity of mouse liver membranes after incubation with endotoxin and epinephrine
    SR75-37; abstract via DTIC: ADA022073
  • Myers PR, Livengood DR
    Dopamine depolarizing response in a vertebrate neuronal somatic cell hybrid
    SR75-38; abstract via DTIC: ADA022072
  • Meaburn GM, Hosszu JL, Cole CM
    Radiation-induced grafting of methacrylates onto silicone rubber surfaces: Prototype burn wound dressing
    SR75-39; abstract via DTIC: ADA022983
  • Darden JH, Catravas GN
    Morphine-induced changes in intracellular catecholamines in rat central nervous system
    SR75-40; abstract via DTIC: ADA022899
  • Mattsson JL, Crock JW Jr., Jenkins LJ Jr.
    Effects of propylene glycol 1,2-dinitrate on rhesus monkey visual-evoked response and Sidman avoidance task
    SR75-41; PDF via DTIC: ADA023770
  • Martins AN, Newby N, Doyle TF, Kobrine AI, Ramirez A
    The effect of intracisternal phentolamine on cerebral blood flow after simulated subarachnoid hemorrhage
    SR75-42; abstract via DTIC: ADA023694
  • Shain WG Jr., Greene LA, Carpenter DO, Sytkowski AJ, Vogel Z
    Aplysia acetylcholine receptors: Blockade by and binding of a-bungarotoxin
    SR74-1; PDF via DTIC: AD783021
  • Solomon LS
    The failure of buffered 5-hydroxytrypta mine to increase brain capillary permeability to albumin
    SR74-2; abstract via DTIC: AD0783022
  • Meaburn GM, Cole CM
    Free radical-induced chain breakage in irradiated aqueous solutions of DNA
    SR74-3; abstract via DTIC: ADA008148
  • Fink MP, Cloud CL, Exum ED
    Graft versus host disease in rats after donor treatment with cyclophosphamide and spleen cells of host origin
    SR74-4; abstract via DTIC: AD0783023
  • Stevenson JS, Eckelman WC, Sobocinski PZ, Barron EL, Levin SG, Reba RC
    Technetium-99m pyrophosphate: Comparison of ED50 for tetany and acidosis and acute LD50
    SR74-5; abstract DTIC: AD0782720
  • McFarland WL, Teitelbaum H, Hedges EK
    Relationship between hippocampal theta activity and running speed in the rat
    SR74-6; abstract via DTIC: ADA005364
  • McFarland WL, Willis JA
    Cerebral temperature changes in the monkey (Macaca mulatta) after 2,500 rads ionizing radiation
    SR74-7; abstract via DTIC: ADA004854
  • Buerkert JE, Doyle JE, Ewald WG
    The effects of local supralethal irradiation on renal function
    SR74-8; abstract via DTIC: ADA000960
  • Catravas GN, McHale CG, Cohan SL
    Morphine-induced changes in the activity of enzymes involved in neurotransmitter metabolism in specific brain regions of the tolerant rat
    SR74-9; abstract via DTIC: ADA001675
  • Fein JM, Flor WJ, Parkhurst LJ, Parker JL
    Sequential changes of vascular ultrastructure in cerebral vasospasm: Myonecrosis of subarachnoid arteries
    SR74-10; abstract via DTIC: ADA000961
  • Zeman GH, Chaput RL
    Gammaaminobutyric acid metabolism and radiation-induced seizures
    SR74-11; abstract via DTIC: ADA000962
  • Fein JM, Molinari GF, Parkhurst LJ
    Augmentation of regional cerebral blood flow by microvascular anastomosis
    SR74-12; abstract via DTIC: ADA001267
  • MacVittie TJ, McCarthy KF
    Inhibition of granulopoiesis in diffusion chambers by a granulocyte chalone
    SR74-13; abstract via DTIC: ADA004595
  • Taylor JF, Terry JL, Ekstrom ME, West JE
    Temporal change in radiosensitivity of miniature swine as evaluated by the split-dose technique
    SR74-14; abstract via DTIC: ADA004597
  • Carpenter DO, Pierau K, Torrey PJ
    Mammalian cold receptor afferents: Role of an electrogenic sodium pump in sensory transduction
    SR74-15; abstract via DTIC: ADA000963
  • Blosser JC, Catravas GN
    Action of reserpine in morphine tolerant rats: Absence of an antagonism of catecholamine depletion
    SR74-16; abstract via DTIC: ADA001681
  • Wiederhold ML, McKee AE
    Fine structure of Aplysia statocyst receptor cells
    SR74-17; abstract via DTIC: ADA004596
  • Wiederhold ML
    Intracellular responses to physiologic stimuli from Aplysia statocyst receptor cells
    SR74-18; abstract vai DTIC: ADA004594
  • Teitelbaum H, Catravas GN, McFarland WL
    An EEG study of morphine tolerance in the rat
    SR74-19; abstract via DTIC: ADA004195
  • Doyle TF, Kobrine AI, Martins AN
    Spinal cord blood flow measured by hydrogen clearance
    SR74-20; abstract via DTIC: ADA005516
  • Martins AN, Ramirez A, Solomon LS, Wiese GM
    The effect of dexamethasone on the formation rate of cerebrospinal fluid in monkeys
    SR74-21; abstract via DTIC: ADA005764
  • Martins AN, Kobrine AI, Doyle TF, Ramirez A
    Total cerebral blood flow measured by hydrogen clearance
    SR74-22; abstract via DTIC: ADA006897
  • Middleton GR, Young RW
    Postirradiation vomiting
    SR74-23; abstract via DTIC: ADA011045
  • Willis JA, Gaubatz GL, Carpenter DO
    The role of the electrogenic sodium pump in modulation of pacemaker discharge of Aplysia neurons
    SR74-24; abstract via DTIC: ADA006845
  • Woods RJ, Sobocinski PZ, Canterbury WJ, Mathewson NS, Hartley KM
    Chronic depression of serum sialic acid levels in alloxan-induced diabetes
    SR-74-25; abstract via DTIC: ADA011022
  • Saavedra JM, Brownstein MJ, Carpenter DO, Axelrod J
    Octopamine: Presence in single neurons of Aplysia suggests neurotransmitter function
    SR74-26; abstract via DTIC: ADA006847
  • McCarthy KF, MacVittie TJ
    Hemopoietic stem cell migration in mice of genotype Si/Sld following a single injection of Bordetella pertussis vaccine
    SR74-27; abstract via DTIC: ADA006791
  • Brownstein MJ, Saavedra JM, Axelrod J, Zeman GH, Carpenter DO
    Coexistence of several putative neurotransmitters in single identified neurons of Aplysia
    SR74-28; abstract via DTIC: ADA010137
  • Curran CR, Franz CG
    Primate physical activity following exposure to a single 2,000-rad pulsed dose of mixed gamma-neutron radiation
    SR74-29; abstract via DTIC: ADA011044
  • Wyant DE, Baum SJ
    An in vivo model for the definitive analysis of cellular inflammation in normal and irradiated rats
    SR74-30; PDF via DTIC: ADA010141
  • Doyle TF, Kobrine AI, Martins AN
    The effects of traumatic injury on spinal cord blood flow
    SR74-31; abstract via DTIC: ADA010819
  • Curran CR, Young RW, Davis WF
    The performance of primates following exposure to pulsed whole-body gamma-neutron radiation
    SR73-1; abstract via DTIC: AD0759340
  • Rene AA, Parker JL, Darden JH, Eaton NA
    Effect of a supralethal dose of radiation on the blood-brain barrier
    SR73-2; abstract via DTIC: AD0762411
  • Zeman GH, Jones SR, George RE, Levin SG
    The relative effectiveness of fission neutrons for gastrointestinal damage in mice: Jejunal crypt stem cell survival
    SR73-3; abstract via DTIC: AD0764971
  • McCarthy KF, Nutter JE, MacVittie TJ
    Separation of spleen cells in iso-osmotic ficoll density gradients
    SR73-4; abstract via DTIC: AD0763351
  • Nutter JE, Graw RG Jr., Baum SJ
    Therapy of postirradiation marrow hypoplasia with blood components and antibiotics
    SR73-5; PDF via DTIC: AD763352
  • Fein JM, Cohan SL
    Local cerebral blood flow utilizing xenon-133
    SR73-6; abstract via DTIC: AD769187
  • Chaput RL, Berardo PA, Barron EL
    Increased brain radioresistance after supralethal irradiation
    SR73-7; abstract via DTIC: AD0764885
  • Stevenson JS, Maynard CD
    Comparison of technetium-99m polyphosphate and strontium-85 for skeletal imaging in patients with metastatic disease
    SR73-8; PDF via DTIC: AD0764887
  • Doyle TF, Curran CR, Turns JE
    Chlorpheniramine as a prophylaxis to radiation-induced performance decrement in the monkey
    SR73-9; PDF via DTIC: AD0764886
  • Skidmore WD, Baum SJ
    Biological effects in rodents exposed to pulsed electromagnetic radiation
    SR73-10; abstract via DTIC: AD0762038
  • Stevenson JS, Bright RW, Dunson GL, Nelson FR, Barron EL, Merriman ML
    Technetium-99m polyphosphate bone imaging: A quantitative method for assessing bone healing
    SR73-11; PDF via DTIC: AD0769270
  • Dunson GL, Thrall JH, Stevenson JS, Pinsky SM
    Technetium-99m minicolloid for radionuclide lymphography
    SR73-12; PDF via DTIC: AD0769892
  • Stevenson JS, Maynard CD
    Basic principles of pancreatic scanning
    SR73-13; PDF via DTIC: AD0769660
  • Sobocinski PZ, Canterbury WJ, Hartley KM
    Metabolism of exogenous 1-14C-L-fucose in the sham and gamma irradiated rat
    SR73-14; abstract via DTIC: AD0769662
  • West JE, Mitchell FA, Jones SR, Witz J
    Bone marrow response of beagles to fractionated doses of mixed gamma-neutron radiation
    SR73-15; abstract via DTIC: AD0777032
  • Chaput RL, Zeman GH
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