BAT 1.06 program information

Previous patient data files
BAT version 0.7.5 saved patient files to a different location than the current version of BAT available on this website. If you are upgrading from the 0.7.5 release, you will need to move the files from the old install directory to the new Biodose_AFRRI folder. When you start the newly installed version of BAT, you will get a warning message. Follow the directions (the old and new location folders will be listed) on this warning message. Remember to delete the original (old) “data” folder after you have moved the files. If you do not know how to move the files, or do not have sufficient access to remove the old “data” folder, please consult with your system administrator.
Windows Color Scheme setting
If you have changed your Windows Color Scheme to one of the preset ones (e.g., silver or olive green) or modified the colors using the Advanced option, some of the screen colors will not display properly—most noticeable on BAT's splash screen. The numbered columns in the following two tables will appear as black rather than numbered: the “Therapy” table on screen 10 and the “Wound” table on screen 12. This issue only affects the look of the BAT program, not the calculations. To return your Windows Color Scheme to the Default setting (blue): right click anywhere on the desktop then select Properties > Appearance > Color Scheme > Default (blue). For additional help, please consult with your system administrator.
Print screen
Every screen in BAT gives the option to print the currently displayed screen via a “Print this screen” button or through the toolbar. The program uses your computer's print screen drivers, which may differ from user to user. As a result, some information may be lost between the screen as displayed and the printed sheet (such as the information of the lymphocyte kinetics screens). To print exactly what is seen on your screen, use CRTL+PrtSc and paste the resulting image into a document. For more information on this method, please consult your system administrator.

If you have other questions about using the BAT software, send them by e-mail to the AFRRI BAT project managers at

Last updated: February 5, 2014