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Medical Effects of Ionizing Radiation (in-person) Course

Schedule/fees/registration | Description | Host site request | How to register | Distributive Learning MEIR course | FAQs
Description of MEIR Course >> Course brochure <<
MEIR course logoThe Medical Effects of Ionizing Radiation (MEIR) Course (in person) is post-graduate level instruction concerning the biomedical consequences of radiation exposure, how the effects can be reduced, and how to medically manage casualties. The training includes nuclear incidents that can occur on or off the battlefield and that go beyond nuclear weapons events. It covers thoroughly all four of the key subjects: health physics, biological effects of radiation, medical/health effects, and psychological effects.

Course length and location—The on-site course is a 3-day event taught throughout the year at major U.S. military bases throughout the United States and abroad.

Who should participate—The in-person MEIR Course provides valuable information for military medical personnel, including physicians, nurses, medical planners, and first responders.

—The course has no security requirements.

Course content—The postgraduate-level course addresses the following topics:
  1. Fundamentals of ionizing radiation
  2. Ionizing radiation interactions with cells and organs
  3. Diagnosis and treatment of acute radiation syndromes and combined injuries
  4. Psychological effects of radiation exposure
  5. Internal radiation contamination
  6. Radiological defense
  7. Radioprotection
  8. Hazards of ionizing radiation
  9. Radiation pathology
  10. Human exposure resulting from radiation accidents
  11. Consequences of nuclear weapons detonation
  12. Nuclear accident response by governmentMEI organizations

Host site request: Information and online form to submit request to host a MEIR Course.

How to register for the in-person MEIR Course
Registration for the in-person course is free for all military personnel and DOD civilians (i.e., those with a .mil email address). Non-DOD civilian medical personnel are required to pay a $200 registration fee.
Distributive Learning (online) MEIR Course—A 6-hour online MEIR course is available as a refresher for the Standard (in-person) MEIR Course.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  1. I will be TDY on orders to attend the MEIR course. How do I request funding from AFRRI?
    AFRRI does not fund travel for students. Students must seek funding for travel costs from their chain of command.

  2. I will be TDY on orders to attend the MEIR course. What should I do about per diem and lodging?
    Government meals are not available during the course. Students who are traveling on orders should be given the full per diem meal rate. Because this course is taught by a mobile training team, we cannot provide recommendations on lodging. Please visit www.dodlodging.net for a list of available military lodging.

  3. I am a reservist wishing to attend the course on an active duty installation. Do I have to pay the $200 registration fee?
    No. A reservist with a valid .mil e-mail address can register for the course at no cost.

  4. What is the uniform of the day?
    The uniform of the day is BDU/ABU/NWU.

  5. Is this course accredited?
    Yes, this course is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians. The standard 3-day course usually awards about 22.5 CME, CNE, ACHE, or general credits.

  6. What prerequisite work is required?
    There are no pre-class readings. A calculator will be very useful on the first day, however.

  7. Will I have access to the lecture slides prior to the beginning of class?
    Yes, but you must print them out yourself. An e-mail will be sent to all registered students approximately 1–2 weeks before the course with information on how to access these slides. Due to budget constraints and space limitations, the instructors are unable to provide hard copies of the slides.

  8. When will the course begin and end?
    The course goes from 0800–1630 each day. Please arrive 30 minutes early on the first day for administrative processing.
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