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Biodosimetry Tools

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Biodosimetry Tools

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Some AFRRI information products are available to qualified users from the Defense Technical Information Center.
"AD" numbers that appear after titles are assigned by DTIC for its use in locating documents.
Medical data forms
AFRRI Adult/Pediatric Field Medical Record (AFRRI Form 330)—Provides a convenient one-page form for gathering emergency medical information in the field. Applicable to both adult and pediatric cases. View/save PDF.

AFRRI Biodosimetry Worksheet (AFRRI Form 331)—Provides a place for recording the facts about a case of radiation exposure, including the source and type of radiation, the extent of exposure, and the nature of the resulting injuries. Applicable to both adult and pediatric cases. View/save PDF.

AFRRI Radiocesium Worksheet (AFRRI Form 335)—Flowchart details steps for screening patients suspected of having been or confirmed to have been exposed to radiocesium during a radiation dispersal device (RDD) event. View/save its PDF version.

BAT—Biodosimetry Assessment Tool version 1.06
Logo of Biodosimetry Assessment Tool (BAT)Purpose—A computer-based software diagnostic tool for use by health-care providers early after a radiation incident. Assists providers in identifying individuals with significant radiation exposures and in making appropriate treatment decisions. BAT is NOT a substitute for treatment decisions by physicians and other trained health-care professionals.


  • Runs on Windows XP, Vista, or 7.
  • Uses templates to collect, integrate, and archive data obtained from patients accidentally exposed to ionizing radiation.
  • Includes an interactive human body map to easily indicate location of radioactivity detected by an appropriate device.
  • Delivers diagnostic information (clinical signs and symptoms, physical dosimetry, etc.).
  • Generates diagnostic indices for the development of a multiparameter dose assessment.
  • Assesses clinical parameters useful for casualty management.
  • Displays concise, relevant patient diagnostic information.
  • Archives information for further use in radiation protection management.
View/save PDF brochure.
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WinFRAT—First-responders Radiological Assessment Triage
(for Windows) version beta
FRAT logoPurpose—Enables first responders to triage suspected radiation casualties based on the initial, or prodromal, features listed in the Emergency Radiation Medicine Response—AFRRI Pocket Guide.

Development status—Prototype release version beta

  • Provide, with minimum text entry, signs and symptoms, blood lymphocyte counts, and dosimetry data.
  • Assess the multiparameter triage dose or the exposure without an assigned dose or indicate no evidence of overexposure.
  • Provide dose-specific messages addressing reliability and diagnostic information, hospitalization estimations, and mortality projections.
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